Showy Scarf Final

Showy Lady’s Slippers



Water Lily

Water Lily

Lupins BC

Wild Lupins, British Columbia

Butterflies with Signature

Monarch Butterflies

Lupins NB

Lupins, New Brunswick

Sandpiper Migration

Sandpiper Migration, New Brunswick


We have been working at transferring some of our images onto scarves. We premiered them last year in Ottawa at great success, and this is the first time that the full line will be shown in Toronto at the Cabbagetown Festival.
The scarves are 70 x 200 cm, 70% cotton and 30% silk. The cotton keeps them nice and light, and the silk loves colour! They can be hand washed or dry cleaned and if they get too wrinkled, a quick pass with an iron will suffice.
All images are from my photographs, and the print for the scarf is size as. None of the scarves contain a repeat, they are all as shot.
We hope you’ll enjoy them as much as we do!
A selection of our designs are available at the Textile Museum of Canada Shop.
For information and directions for the Textile Museum, follow this link.